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Reef Troll

Reef Troll

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Reef Troll—Brineblood Marauders Light Warbeast

Requires eight 1/8" and eight 3/16" disc magnets, not included.

Another native of Alchiere, like the Deepborne dire trolls, the reef trolls primarily inhabit the lands close to the shallows and surf nearest to the sea. There, the waters are teeming with a rich variety of ocean life along with many hidden dangers. A large number of reef trolls have also settled along the great Brackish Lake, which was, in part, how it came to be settled by the rebellious trollkin outlaws who would become the Brineblood Marauders. Though not as adapted to the seas as the Deepbourne, the raw strength of the reef trolls nevertheless make excellent, if dull-witted, sailors. Their taste for the strong drink favored by the Marauders has ensured their continued and complete loyalty as they join the trollkin crews.

Includes: Body plus three head options, four back accessory options and six weapon options with pre-formed sockets for ease of adding magnets to facilitate customization. Magnets are NOT included with this model kit and must be purchased separately.

  • The Reef Troll has four hardpoints, including its head, booze, and arms. Its head determines its role and experience level. Its boozeselection determines its animus. Its arms can be loaded with an assortment of simple weapons that can be found on any pirate ship, including a harpoon, a chainshot explosive, a ship’s wheel shield, and more.
  • Its animus options include Elusive, Far Strike, and Lightning Strike.

Faction:Southern Kriels
Army:Brineblood Marauders
Model Type:Light Warbeast
Base Size:40mm
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