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Rassyk, Spawn of Shadows

Rassyk, Spawn of Shadows

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Rassyk, Spawn of Shadows


Born in the pitch-black tunnels a mile beneath the surface world, Rassyk was the first of the Khymaera’s arm. Created by Rhyas to be their bodyguard and executioner, his very being and essence is infused with and embodies the potent power of a dragon. He is a true believer in their cause and a fierce combatant. His mind implanted with Rhyas memories of warfare and leadership, he not only serves as her protector but as a general of great cunning who is more than able to marshal their forces in her stead. Through extensive training and drills, he coordinates his beasts in protecting troops and performing calculated misdirection, utilizing feints to capitalize upon diverted attention in order to slip his beasts closer to their opposition.

  • His sword Thanatos is a 2" Reach POW 17 melee weapon with Critical Decapitation
  • He possesses battleplans including Precision Strike, Desperate Mission, and Battle Formation
  • He has the spells Death March, Flashing Blade, and Warpath
  • His feat Wall of Fangs grants all friendly faction models Defensive Strike

Army:Shadowflame Shard
Model Type:Warlock
Base Size:40mm
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