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Nissak, Totem Huntress Champion

Nissak, Totem Huntress Champion

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Hailing from the fabled lands of Zu, Nissak made her way to western Immoren as a stowaway aboard a merchant steamer. She had come to test her skills in a new land and to make a legend for herself written in the blood of those who shall fall before her. Nissak strikes from the shadows, eviscerating her foes with her silent throwing blade before moving in for the kill.


  • Nissak will work for the Brineblood Marauders and the Shadowflame Shard.
  • Her massive throwing blade has the Decapitation special rule, which says, “Damage exceeding the ARM of the model hit is doubled. A model disabled by this attack cannot make a Tough roll.”
  • Nissak has Advance Deployment, Ambush, Pathfinder, and Stealth.
Mercenary:Brineblood Marauders and Shadowflame Shard
Model Type:Solo
Base Size:40mm
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