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Zacchaeus Winters Chill

Zacchaeus Winters Chill

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A fearsome rider on the winter’s wind, Zacchaeus and his great snow hare have terrified wayward children in the far north for generations immemorial. It is said that where the hare takes him, deathly cold and starvation follow. Bound for a time in the service of an ancient hag, Zacchaeus missed the Wicked Harvest and recently slipped his bondage. He now moves through a world much changed and seeks purpose amongst its ashes.


  • Zacchaeus will work for the Shadowflame Shard as well as a forthcoming army.
  • Zacchaeus is a grymkin cavalry model with Dual Attack, Pathfinder, Resistance: Cold, and Unstoppable.
  • His attacks freeze enemy models in their tracks.

Mercenary:Shadowflame Shard and Upcoming ArmyModel Type:SoloBase Size:50mmMaterial:Resin
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