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Eiryss Shadow of Retribution RESIN

Eiryss Shadow of Retribution RESIN

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Eiryss, Shadow of Retribution

Mercenary Solo
Works for the Cygnar Storm Legion and Dusk House Kallyss armies

​Eiryss was amongst the agents of the Retribution outside Ios when the Sundering separated the quick from the dead. Putting aside her former fanaticism, Eiryss pragmatically devoted herself to the defense and safety of the living Iosans. Viewing the eldritch with deep suspicion, she slipped into Ios at great risk to herself and recovered Voass, the sword of the Winter Father Nyssor, from the fallen Fane of Scyrah, where it was held as a sacred artifact of the lost age. Over time and with the coming the Orgoth, Eiryss has put aside her former hatred and distrust, instead seeking new alliances within both Cygnar and amongst the eldritch of Ios to protect her people from the gathering storm.

• Eiryss remains a deadly combatant that is hard to pin down. She has a high DEF, Pathfinder, Stealth, and Reposition.

• Eiryss can make both ranged and melee attacks in the same activation and possesses a pair of melee weapons (including Voass) and her trademark crossbow with its range of ammo types.

Mercenary:Storm Legion and House KallyssModel Type:SoloBase Size:30mmMaterial:Resin

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