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Alexia Queen of the Damned RESIN

Alexia Queen of the Damned RESIN

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Alexia, Queen of the Damned

Mercenary Solo
Works for the Cygnar Storm Legion and Khador Winter Korps armies

​Having survived madness, possession, and countless dangers since she first picked up the cursed Witchfire, Alexia has proven herself to truly be a queen of the damned. The blade, said to have been created by the same Fellgoeth infernals worshipped by the Orgoth, has long since fallen silent under her dominion. Having reaved the immortal essence of the Nonokrion infernals during the Claiming, Alexia turned their power against the Witchfire, dominating the blade utterly. Now the sole master of the demon weapon, Alexia strikes back against the horrors of the world, seeking to defend life against the predations of denizens of the Outer Abyss.

• Powerful spellcaster possessing the Dominate Undead and Hellfire special attacks.

• A Battle Wizard capable of returning destroyed models back to their units both as a result of casting Grim Returns or by striking enemy models down with the Witchfire.

Mercenary:Storm Legion and Winter KorpsModel Type:SoloBase Size:30mmMaterial:Resin

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