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Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova

Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova

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Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova


Ekaterina Baranova is among the most powerful arkanists of her generation. Once the pride of the Greylords Covenant, which she served faithfully in the years following the infernal invasion, Baranova denounced the organization and her former tutors within it. With a meritorious service record and recommendations from both the Order of Illumination and the entire Old Faith Synod in Korsk, Baranova received an imperial pardon and was able to join the newly established Winter Korps as a kapitan in 618 AR. Her mastery of the arcane arts is not only singular among Khador’s depleted ranks but in the whole of the Iron Kingdoms. She now hungrily awaits putting her talents to use against the hated Orgoth host now ravaging the Motherland’s western shores.

  • When one or more living enemy models are destroyed by an arcane attack while in Baranova’s control range, Baranova gains one focus point.
  • Possesses the Field Marshal [Arc Node] special rule.
  • Her Storm of Ages feat says, “Enemy models/units activating in Baranova’s control range suffer –2 SPD, cannot charge, or make slam or trample power attacks. When a friendly model in Baranova’s control range is targeted by a ranged or arcane attack, the attack suffers –4 RNG. Storm of Ages lasts for one round.”

Faction:KhadorArmy:Winter KorpsModel Type:WarcasterBase Size:30mmMaterial:Resin
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