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Great Old One

Great Old One

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The Great Old One — Brineblood Marauders Character Warbeast Pack

Requires two 1/8" and two 3/16" disc magnets, not included, to be used with a pre-magnetized Deepborne Dire Troll body.

The Great Old One was a legend of the black depths even before the first trollkin settled Alchiere, but it is whispered among the Brinebloods that its emergence from the sea was in answer to a call by Captain Shadowtongue himself. Barely even identifiable as a dire troll, this horror of the deep seas has prowled both these lands and its waters for centuries. Possessing a murky intelligence uncommon amongst even the longest-lived dire trolls, the Great Old One has long been feared for its sudden appearances and brutal raids targeting coastal communities across the subcontinent. At Brackish Lake, it was only discovered after utterly decimating the Brineblood Marauders’ food stores before drinking itself into a near-stupor on strong drink. Though it escaped following some brutality, it returned and waited from a distance for a tithe of powerful rum. Its appearances have since become more regular around the deep salt lake where it lords over the Deepborns as the alpha predator amongst them.

Includes: One head, two weapons options and one back accessory. BODY NOT INCLUDED. Requires Deepborn Dire Troll body for use.

  • Possesses the Amphibious, Regeneration, and Snacking special rules.
  • Incredibly resistant to ranged attack damage.
  • Powerful ripping crab claws.

Faction:Southern KrielsArmy:Brineblood MaraudersModel Type:Heavy Warbeast Character PartsBase Size:50mmMaterial:Resin
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