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Jackal Sea Raiders Light Warjack

Jackal Sea Raiders Light Warjack

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Orgoth Sea Raiders Light Warjack 

The Jackal is a monstrous machine, an Orgoth warjack infused with the savage spirit of a ravening beast. Scarred from the ancient memory of their bitter defeat, the Orgoth sought to replicate the formidable power of western Immoren’s warjacks that thwarted their occupation after the first invasion. Lacking either the industrial capabilities or the skilled knowledge for such creations, the Orgoth Vulcars turned to infernal sacral magic, ultimately producing brutal hunting hounds for their warcasters to master and command. Far more beast than machine, the Jackals bound into battle, wreaking gruesome deaths upon all who would stand against them.

Includes one warjack chassis, eight customizable arm options and four customizable head options.

Will ship with WARMACHINE Magnet Pack B.

  • The Jackal can run or charge without spending focus.
  • When it charges a living or undead model, this model gains +2˝ movement.
  • Cannon with RNG 14, POW 14 and Critical Brutal Damage.

Faction:OrgothArmy:Sea RaidersModel Type:Heavy WarjackBase Size:40mmMaterial:Resin
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