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Medveditsa Winter Korps Character Pack

Medveditsa Winter Korps Character Pack

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(Warjack Body Not Included)

As protective as she is formidable, Medveditsa, the “Mother Bear,” embodies her terrifying namesake as she fiercely defends the ground between her Winter Korps comrades and their enemies.

This warjack pack contains two weapon arms and a head for use with the Winter Korps Great Bear heavy warjack model. Two 3/16" magnets and one 1/8" magnet are required for this kit, sold separately in the Privateer Press Hobby Magnet pack (PIP 21192).

  • SPD 5, MAT 8 warjack with Pathfinder and Shield Guard.
  • Hand of Vengeance special rules says, “When one or more friendly Faction warrior models are destroyed or removed from play by enemy attacks while within 5˝ of this model, this model gains +2 on melee attack and melee damage rolls for one round.”
  • Armed with a pair of POW 18 Bear Claws with the Buckler, Throw Power Attack, and Chain Attack: Grab & Smash special rules.

Faction:KhadorArmy:Winter KorpsModel Type:Character Warjack PartsMaterial:Resin
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