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Eilish Garrity Dark Traitor RESIN

Eilish Garrity Dark Traitor RESIN

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Eilish Garrity, the Dark Traitor

Mercenary Solo
Works for the Cygnar Storm Legion and Orgoth Sea Raiders armies

​Having bartered his soul to the Nonokrion Order for power, Eilish Garrity began to suffer buyer’s remorse following their defeat in the Infernal War. Saddled with an existential debt to a diminished infernal order, Eilish saw the arrival of the Orgoth as a final opportunity to brighten his prospects. The corrupt, power-hungry arcanist summoned some dark strength of will deep within himself and approached the invaders with a blasphemous proposition, requesting contact with their own infernal patrons. In a craven act of occult genius, Eilish swore fealty to the Fellgoeth infernals, promising to act as their agent on Caen and to serve the Orgoth during their invasion of Immoren. Now acting as a double agent to subvert the Immorese cause in resisting the Orgoth, Eilish loosely maintains his old contacts within Cygnaran society. He operates sometimes in support of the Immorese to further his ruse, or so the Orgoth believe, but in fact the slippery arcanist may yet be keeping his future options open should the war turn against his new masters.

• Potent arcane combatant with the Dark Power special rule that states, “This model gains an additional die on magic attack and magic attack damage rolls. Discard the lowest die in each roll."

• When Eilish is destroyed, enemy upkeep spells within 8′′ of him expire.

Mercenary:Storm Legion and Sea RaidersModel Type:SoloBase Size:30mmMaterial:Resin

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