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Israfyl Character Pack

Israfyl Character Pack

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(Warjack Body Not Included)

Built for the singular purpose of destroying anything and everything it confronts, the ghoulish Israfyl decimates its opposition with a pair of arcantrik serpentine blades. What it cannot reach with its telescoping blades, Israfyl destroys from afar with the wicked Death Whisper cannon mounted on its shoulder.

This warjack pack contains two weapon arms, a shoulder weapon, and a head for use with the House Kallyss Eidolon heavy warjack model. Four 1/8″ magnets are required for this kit, sold separately in the Privateer Press Hobby Magnet pack (PIP 21192).

  • MAT 7, RAT 7 warjack with the Entropic Force and Generator special rules.
  • Death Whisper is a RNG SP 12, POW 14 ranged attack that allows Israfyl to remove damage from living models if the weapon destroys a living or undead enemy model.
  • Armed with a pair of RNG 3 Serpentine Blades with the Blessed, Chain Weapon, Damage Type: Magical, Critical Knockdown, and Drag special rules.
Faction:DuskArmy:House KallyssModel Type:Character Warjack PartsMaterial:Resin
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