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Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion

Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion

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Southern Kriels Brineblood Marauders Expansion

As war ravages the Iron Kingdoms, the savage Brineblood Marauders prowl the waters of the Meredius in search of their next prize. Take your battles to the next level with the Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion. Change up your tactics with the new warlock and unlock new fighting capabilities with the character solo. The First Mate solo, two new command attachments, a new unit, and three new solos, including the Pyg Dirge—an airborne bomber—add enough options to your Core Army Starter to field 75- and 100-point armies. (Note: 100-point games require three warbeasts in a force, not included in this expansion.)


  • Captain Shadowtongue
  • Tapper
  • Pyg Shockers (5 models)
  • Booty Boss
  • Pyg Dirge
  • Coxswain
  • 2x Pyg Cannon Crew (3 pygs + cannon on 50 mm base)
  • First Mate Hargor Stormjaw

Faction:Southern KrielsArmy:Brineblood MaraudersModel Type:ExpansionMaterial:Resin
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