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Bellighul, Master of Pain

Bellighul, Master of Pain

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Left behind in the wake of the defeat of the skorne by the combined forces of Ios, Bellighul barters his gruesome skills across the wastes. He is renowned both for his mastery of beasts and his capacity to inflict physical suffering upon any unlucky enough to fall under his lash. It is a hard life for a stranger in a strange land, but Bellighul is a consummate survivor who has never flinched in the face of pain—especially someone else’s.


  • Bellighul will work for the Shadowflame Shard as well as a forthcoming army.
  • Possesses the Condition: Enrage and the Medicate special action.
  • Can give Tough to friendly living warrior models in his vicinity.
Mercenary:Shadowflame Shard and Upcoming Army
Model Type:Solo
Base Size:40mm
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